Jul 042013

Sheffield art organisation Art in the Park is running Light Night on Saturday 7th September 2013 in Sheffield City centre, 4pm – 9.30pm.  Today they are inviting artists, venues and events to get involved.
Sheffield Light Night will be a city-wide take-over, opening up spaces so people can explore the city in a way they haven’t before.
Imagine entering buildings and spaces you didn’t know existed, finding performers, art installations and activities around every corner and experiencing Sheffield in a completely different way. The city centre will be animated, lit up and celebrated through our city’s artists and performers for one night only to invite you to see Sheffield in a different light.
Art in the Park are inviting professional and emerging artists to showcase the spaces through various artforms; collating an open programme of activities, showcases, workshops, exhibitions and performances. They want to unlock the doors of spaces and venues people don’t ordinarily get to see, animate places in a completely new way and celebrate what Sheffield has to offer for all ages.
“Maybe it’s a film screening in a high street chain, a comedy sketch in the market, dancing in a hotel lobby….we want to challenge our perceptions and engage with new people in new spaces providing an alternative way to spend your Saturday Night!”  Luisa Golob, Art in the Park’s Chief Executive
The night is part of Sheffield’s Summer Saturdays initiative to enliven the city centre, with funding from Sheffield City Council. 2013 will be a pilot year for the event.  The aim is to deliver it next year on a larger scale across the city.
Art in the Park are inviting artists, venues and events to apply by 5pm on Friday 12th July.

Applications are welcome from:
• local creative talent wanting to run an event or project in a city centre space
• artists or organisations that want to put forward an idea, a project or an event for the day
• anyone who has an event already happening that day that could be included in the programme
Applications can be downloaded from Art in the Park’s website: http://www.artithepark.org.uk/lightnight
All applications or questions to be emailed to: luisa@artinthepark.org.uk
This is a short deadline so please get in touch if you have any questions

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